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WonderGreetings is an electronic greeting card company that serves the English speaking community. WonderGreetings is a wholly owned company of CorreoMagico Inc., the leading Latin American electronic greeting card company. We offer animated greetings that users can send via the internet for free. WonderGreetings has a collection of over 1,000 animated greetings. To keep the content fresh and reflect new holidays, every month we ad new cards to our site. They are produced entirely by a group of over 30 outstanding illustrators, animators, cartoonists and musicians

International Presence

CorreoMagico launched its first site in Argentina in April 2000. It currently has sites for several countries including Mexico (correomagico.com.mx), Brazil (www.correiomagico.com), Spain (correomagico.com/Espana) and the US and other English speaking countries (WonderGreetings.com). CorreoMagico´s different sites are customized to the language, calendar and culture of the countries they serve. This has allowed us to grow while keeping a¨local flavor¨.

The Company
All of WonderGreetings´ directors and managers are reputed businessmen and professionals, very familiar with the US business culture. Our art director is Consuelo Arocena, a Parsons educated designer. Agustin Milberg, WonderGreetings´ CEO is an MIT graduate

Agustín F. Milberg Chairman and CEO
Alejandro Duhau Executive Director
Enrique Duhau Executive Director
Consuelo Milberg Director
Juan M. Arocena Director
Henry Taratuty Director
Eduardo Afflitto Shareholder
Guillermo Donadini Shareholder
Fernando Pesci Shareholder
F. Horacio Crespo Shareholder