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Troubleshooting If, after carefully following our instructions, you or your recipient, cannot see a greeting card, please resend us an email with the card's link, indicating date, time and difficulty. We will do our best to solve your problem.

Please write to
Advertisers and Advertising Agencies Advertisers and Advertising Agencies: to learn more about advertising opportunities please write to the address indicated below. Remember to include:

_ Complete name
_ Name of company
_ Telephone
_ Company's URL (if it has one)
_ Have you advertised in the Internet before?
_ When would you like your campaign to start?
_ Any other relevant information

Write to
Licenses Prospective License Holders: Companies interested in licensing our postcard service and content should write to the below indicated address. Remember to include:

_ Complete Name
_ Company's Name
_ Telephone
_ Are you interested in licensing both postcards and program to run service?
_ Do you already have a program to send postcards and so you are interested in licensing only our postcards?
_ Any other relevant information.

Please write to