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1. Advertising Opportunities

    WonderGreetings offers value added advertising at very competitive prices. We welcome advertising agencies to contact us.

    1.1 Main Features:

    • 1.1.1. High Traffic
      WonderGreetings is an extremely popular site, with high traffic that grows every month largely through viral marketing. In Argentina
      Alexa Research ranked WonderGreetings' site ( as the 20th most visited Argentine site, with a traffic similar to that of AOL´s Argentine site.

    • 1.1.2 Excellent Image
      WonderGreetings is the site that hundreds of thousands of Internet users choose to communicate with loved ones for special occasions. To announce with us is to associate your brand or product to the good feelings expressed by our postcards and our customer's messages

    • 1.1.3 Attractive User Profile
      WonderGreetings is used by people of all ages, particularly young adults, for personal and to a lesser extent, business communication. 76% of our audience falls into the 21-40 age bracket. 61% of our users are female.

    • 1.1.4. Targeted Audience:
      Advertisements in CorreoMagico are divided into six channels with different audiences. It is possible to advertise in any of these channels individually. Moreover, our sponsorship program allows advertising in any one of more than 20 postcard categories (such as love, friendship, birthday, holidays). .

    • 1.1.5 Different Advertising Alternatives

      • Banners and buttons, organized into six advertising channels; sponsorship opportunities of more than 20 postcard categories.

      • Newsletters and emails sent by WonderGreetings to its customers also provide attractive advertising opportunities.

      • Special Assignments. We offer our best advertisers the possibility of running campaigns which can include the creation of special cards, banners and screensavers by WonderGreetings.

    • 1.1.6 State of the Art Technology
      We can publish fixed or rotating banners and provide our advertisers with precise online information about impressions, click-throughs, click-through rates, etc.

      Example of the screen our advertisers can use to track impressions and click-throughs:

    • 1.1.7 Audit
      Our campaigns are audited by internet specialists who certify the accuracy of our reports.

    • 1.1.8 Excellent Prices and Conditions. 
      We offer targeted advertising opportunities at very competitive prices. We try to build with advertisers and advertising agencies long lasting relationships based on the creation of value for the advertiser and mutual trust.

    1.2 Advertising Alternatives

    • 1.2.1 Run of Site – Broadest audience at lowest cost
      Banners and buttons are run throughout the site. Advertisers who want to reach a broad audience at the lowest cost choose this alternative. This type of advertising is charged by CPM (thousands of impressions). The campaign runs until impressions are delivered.

    • 1.2.2 Run of Channel – Targeted Advertising
      WonderGreetings offers six advertising channels, each of which comprises a different set of postcard categories and is used by different audiences.

      • Friendship:
        Postcard Categories: Friendship, Stay in Touch, Birthday, Get Well/Encouragement.
        Audience: communication between friends of same or different gender.

      • Love:
        Postcard Categories: Love, Declaration, Wedding, Anniversary.
        Audience: communication between couples.

      • Family:
        Postcard Categories: Kids, Anniversary, Pregnancy/Babies, Wedding.
        Audience: families.

      • Holidays:
        Valentine's Day
        Father's Day
        Mother's Day
        Audience: Public very receptive to seasonal offers.

      In each of these channels campaigns are charged by CPM. The campaign lasts until the CPMs ordered are delivered

    • 1.2.3 Sponsorship by Greeting Category
      Our sponsorship program allows advertising in any of the more than 20 categories into which WonderGreetings' content is organized.

      • Every Day:
        Congratulations, Declarations, Friendship/Get well, Encouragement, Invites, Kids, Love, Parties, Professions, Sorry, Stay in Touch, Study, Thank you, Work.

      • Events & Milestones:
        Anniversary, Birthday, New e-mail, New Home, Pregnancy/Babies, Vacations and Travel, Wedding

      • Major Holidays:
        Valentine's day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Season's Greetings, New Year, National and Religious Holidays, etc.

      Sponsorship in any of our more than 20 categories allows advertisers to identify a brand or product a particular occasion (such as Love, Friendship, Birthday, Holidays). Sponsorship is run on a per time basis. Minimum time is 15 days for holidays and one month for all other permanent categories. Prices vary according to the amount of traffic in each section.

    • 1.2.4 Newsletter – Instant reach
      WonderGreetings sends a monthly newsletter to customers that have chosen to receive it. This bulletin is an efficient and direct way for advertisers to reach a large customer base in a short period of time.

    • 1.2.5 E-Mails – Be part of a good wish
      Every day thousands of people send cards through WonderGreetings to express love, friendship, to congratulate, etc. For every postcard sent, WonderGreetings delivers three emails: one informing the sender that the card has been sent; another informing the recipient that he or she has received a card; finally a third one informing the sender that the recipient has opened the card. These e-mails represent another opportunity to advertise at WonderGreetings, and associate the advertising brand or product with the good feelings exchanged through our greeting cards. E-Mail advertising can be commissioned on a run of site or a run of channel basis.

      Advertising Agencies
      WonderGreetings invites advertising agencies to explore advertising opportunities at WonderGreetings. For information please
      contact us

2. E-Commerce

    WonderGreetings is looking for e-commerce partners and gift certificate companies to launch its gift section. Those interested should write to

3. Special Assignments

    WonderGreetings offers its best advertisers and license holders extra features such as special greeting cards, screensavers and banners. For this purpose we use our panel of outstanding artists

4. Contact

For more information contact with us.